Canadian authorities track down and charge notorious ‘moose rider’

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BRITISH COLUMBIA, Canada - Don't mess with a moose!  That's what Canadian conservation officials want everyone to know now that they've charged two Canadian men under the Wildlife Act.

They've been charged with harassing wildlife with a boat, attempting to capture wildlife, and hunting big game while it is swimming.

Yep, that's illegal in Canada.

And now authorities say they've tracked down a notorious moose rider and his laughing accomplice.

Last summer, this viral video of the 'moose rider' racked up more than two million views!

The man was seen jumping from a boat onto a wild moose's back and staying on it as long as he could.

The moose-- struggling against the rapid current-- finally was able to dump the man off its back.

It may have seemed like fun and games, but not for the moose.

Now the men face up to $100,000 in fines for causing unnecessary stress to an animal that wasn't being trapped or killed.

So beware, would-be moose surfers. If you mess with a moose, ....someday it'll make you pay!