“Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli complains he can’t find date on Tinder

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NEW YORK, NY - One of the most hated men in America--Martin Shkreli--aka "Pharma Bro"--is cryin' into his pillow about his love life, or lack thereof. The ex-CEO says he can't find a date--not even on Tinder. Apparently, money can't buy you love, even if you're worth an estimated $100 million.

The Twitterverse did not disappoint with their responses to his dating dilemma. Some suggested he try Grindr (you know, the gay dating app), or that Shkreli should be more up-front about his net worth. A guy named "Grumblin' Grampa" suggested driving down the street and yellin' out the car window.

What's a millionaire cry baby boy who's been indicted on federal securities fraud charges to do?

"Hey man, just go to some new places, man. Buy some girls some drinks, get 'em loose a little bit," said Justin Straughter.

"I would say, if she's Hispanic or Mexican, get her some Tacos," suggested Andy Fernandez.

"Just be yourself. That's all you gotta be, is be yourself, man," said a man named Cameron.

Whenever you do find someone, Shkreli, just remember to use protection. You wouldn't believe the price of AIDS drugs these days!