Bob “Birdman” Bunoza builds special relationship with animals at Memorial Park

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HOUSTON, TX - If you've ever run through Memorial Park, there's a good chance you've come across Bob Bunoza. Nicknamed " Mr. Park" and "Birdman," Bunoza has come to the park almost everyday for the last 39 years.

"I walk one mile everyday, slowly," Bunoza said. "Then, I spend time with my birds and squirrels. I'm having a hard time taking care of myself, so it would be hard for me to have a regular pet. This way, I come to the park, I get my fun. When I leave, I don't have to worry about them no more."

Bunoza is originally from Croatia, and he moved to Houston in 1977.  The 71-year-old used to be an active runner at the park, but he's had to slow down as he's gotten older.  Even so, he says the park is a special place with great people.