Simon Says: Hated the Olympics? Here’s why they need to get “BAD” before they get better!

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What do you remember most about the Olympics? Did it all feel like a big yawn?

The theme of opening ceremonies may have been about climate change, but I think the folks at NBC and the IOC better hope for a change in how we care about the games. They just don’t feel as relevant as they used to. Maybe it was all the empty seats or the stories about  low ratings.

The ‘Hunger Games” had more drama than the games in Rio. You know what’s was missing in Rio? Good vs Evil.

OK, the games are supposed to be about sportsmanship and unity, but forget that, bring back the days when beating our enemy’s (like Communist countries) felt so good. From East German swimmers, who ate steroids like candy, to the Russian Hockey team we beat down with a miracle. The games were better when it was more about Lenin vs. Lincoln than Nike vs Adidas.

We’re conditioned to want an enemy. We crave it! It’s just more interesting.  Imagine Batman without the Joker or the Cowboys without the Redskins. Star Wars would suck without Luke and Darth, and maybe that’s why some of you think these Olympics sucked.

Good vs Evil is must see TV, and maybe that’s why some of you prefer to watch “Big Brother” over big Olympic hugs.

So during the next games, instead of watching ‘feel good” stories from NBC, let’s hope they build up the grudge matches.

Imagine if some former terrorist was on the Syrian team? Imagine playing Iran or North Korea in football? Yes, our football should be an Olympic sport.

That kind of drama would run “Olympic Rings” around the snooze fest we’ve had to endure.