Houston officers gather at Dunkin’ Donuts for great cause

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HOUSTON - Eight cops are hanging out at a doughnut shop — stop me if you’ve heard this one before — and no, they're not there for breakfast.

Law enforcement took over several Houston-area Dunkin' Donuts Friday morning and wild out. The officers even climbed onto a roof top to wave people in, and it was all to raise money for some very special Olympians.

“Year-round law enforcement supports Special Olympics. Almost every special Olympian that I’ve ever met is so happy, they bring a smile, they bring a smile to your. They love to talk about the sports that they participate in,” Constable Alan Rosen of Harris County Constable Precinct 1 said.

Special Olympian Cayce Chesser, who has won bronze and silver medals for 200- and 500-meter relays and kayaking, is one of the many athletes the officers have volunteered time to collect donation for. In exchange, each donor is given a free doughnut.

“This is giving them the chance to do things that we take for granted every day," Deputy Constable Tracie Mathews-Segura saud,

But, come on! Cops gathering at a doughnut shop is a little too on the knows, isn't it?

“Yes, it’s a fun concept and a cliche, but you have to be able to make fun of yourself,” Mathews-Segura said.

Frankie Higginbotham said these officers perform a bigger job than other people give them credit for.

"They take out their time to be here. I think it's something that's special," Higginbothem said. "They picked a great charity, and I think it's great that they're here."

These officers have shown they're willing to do whatever it takes to raise a lot of dough!

"People have historically attributed doughnuts to police officers, and we love the fact that Dunkin' Donuts is expanding it by adding coffee to the equation," Rosen said.