Sugar Land high school students learn 9/11 isn’t just history

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SUGAR LAND, Texas — For some of us, it feels like 9/11 happened just yesterday. But for many high school students, it's just history — as in History class.

Michael Madden is a history teacher at Clements High School and making sure the impact of Sept. 11 won't fade from the hearts of those who either weren't born, or were at most 3 years old, when the attack happened. Every five years, Madden has his students commemorate the date by turning the school's hallways into a living museum.

“I learned that 9/11 was just a sad event for many people. I didn’t realize just how many people actually passed and what toll it had taken on so many individuals” student Shanaya Kassam said.

During the project, students choose a name from a long list of those who lost in the attack. The students are tasked with researching that person before compiling information into a memorial.

“The impact on me was realizing that of all these people, this is just a fraction of the people that lost their lives. They’re all important in their own way," student Nick Clancy said.

Unlike his students, Principal David Yaffie remembers 9/11 quite well.

“It brings up some terrible days, but hopefully it reflects the best that our country has to offer, and that’s our students,” Yaffie said.