Teen makes fortune picking English baby names for Chinese parents

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GLOUCESTERSHIRE, ENGLAND — Expecting a little bundle of joy but having trouble choosing a name?

Gandalph, Cinderella, Harry Potter: all great names for your little tyke, right? Ok, maybe not. Don't worry though, Beau Jessup is here to help.

The British 16-year-old has made around $64,000 helping Chinese parents navigate through the name game.

Trends suggests Chinese families often use western names for their children with the hope it'll give them a leg up in life. Since living in a country with fiercely restricted internet laws, American baby name books aren't easy to come by.

Jessup's website, called Special Name, allows parents to select the child's gender and five personality traits they would like for their child. The site then spits out three names for the parents' choosing.

She said the idea for the site came to her after she heard her dad's Chinese business partners' baby name fails. The father then gave his daughter a $1,900 loan, which she transformed into a small fortune.

Now that's a baby boom!