‘B*tch don’t even know me!’ 86-year-old woman in wheelchair has harsh words for purse thief

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Bronx, N.Y. — A senior-aged woman who was robbed outside her apartment wants to let her purse snatcher know she messed with the wrong person.

"She wants to hurt me, and the b*tch don't even know me!" Bernice Starnes, 86, told PIX11 News.

Starnes was sitting in a wheelchair outside her apartment on Marmion Avenue in Tremont Sunday afternoon when a woman swiped her pocketbook — and it was all caught on surveillance video. Starnes, who uses a wheelchair, was unable to run after her.

"I couldn't catch her," Starnes said. "I wanted to catch her and beat the sh*t out of her."

The thief, after she got the money and a bank card, tossed the pocketbook out like a piece of trash, also seen on the surveillance video.

The suspected thief, identified as Adrianne Terry, 37, of the Bronx, was arrested Tuesday and charged with grand larceny and petit larceny.

But Starnes, who's full of spunk, doesn't want the purse snatcher to get off that easy. She may be 86, but it doesn't mean people can take advantage of her.

"I hope that they beat her ass. Some of the women in prison beat her ass everyday for as long as she's in there," Starnes said.

When asked if what she was hoping for was a little harsh, she yelled, "So what!"

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