‘Do I often have one-night stands?’: Rape victim recalls investigation after accused UNC football player turns himself in

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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. —"Don't sweat it. Just keep on living your life and playing football," investigators at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill told an accused rapist seven months before he turned himself in, according to the victim.

According to reports, sophomore Delaney Robinson, 19, told school authorities football player Allen Artis raped her this past Valentine's Day. It was a cry for help administrators didn't start taking seriously until after was forced to file charges on her own.

Robinson said after admitting to a night drinking, investigators treated her like the suspect and not a victim.

"Did I lead him on? Do I often have one-night stands? How many men have I slept with," Robinson said investigators asked her.

Her attorney said these questions implied the blame should be pointed at Robinson.

"The attackers and would-be attackers are told they're not responsible for their actions when they've been drinking, but yet victims and would-be victims are told that they're responsible for what happens to them if they have been drinking," the attorney said.

Even after reporting the rape, allowing a rape kit test and cooperating with authorities, Robinson said she got nowhere in her quest for justice.

"Months later the University has done nothing," Robinson said. "I'm taking this public stand not for me, but for the other students on campus who are not protected, despite what the University tells us."

The linebacker was released on a $5,000 unsecured bond and is charged with sexual batter and assault.

UNC administrators said they're aware of the allegations but cannot address it because of federal privacy law.  The school reports Artis will not be participating in this weekend's game due to suspension.