Police: Officer allegedly assaults train conductor; video shows passengers in panic

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Manhattan, N.Y. — A police officer was arrested Wednesday morning after being accused of throwing a subway conductor to the ground during rush hour in New York, according to reports from Pix 11 News.

Police said the conductor was leaving the train cabin when she hit an New York Police Department officer with the door shortly before 9 a.m. The officer is reported to have been off duty. A verbal argument ensues until officer throws the conductor to the ground, injuring her arm, according to police.

The emergency break was pulled at the Essex-Delancey subway station in the Lower East Side to prevent the officer from leaving the train.

Video captures the chaos in the train as commuters are left trapped and clueless of the situation. People outside of the train are seen telling the passengers that officers are at the other subway cart sorting the situation out.

The officer was arrested at the station with unknown charges.

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