Houston iPhone 7 fanatics bummed after no 7 Plus models available on launch day

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HOUSTON — Apple warned them, but they didn't want to believe it.

During it's much anticipated launch of the iPhone 7 models, but there were no iPhone 7 plus models in stock.

“They been telling us since we got here, but I feel like that’s not true," Shehzaan Bandukia said. "I feel like there should be at least a few pieces for people that walk in, especially for camping out and stuff."

Nearly 100 hopefuls lined up at the Highland Village Apple Store the night before, and when the doors opened Apple's statement proved to be true. Only those with quick fingers on pre-order day walked out with Apple’s latest prized gadget.

“I got lucky I guess, I pre-ordered this from London," Juston Western said. "I was over there last week. It’s easy ordering at 8 a.m. rather than 2 a.m."

For people that waited, Apple had a limited number of regular iPhone 7’s available. You may not get the color you want, but hey, you’ll be first right?

“I’m not usually much of a brag, but today i’ll probably post on social media,” Tony Dinh said.

The iPhone 7 plus comes with a beefy second camera for zooming, stereo sound, water resistance and improved handheld stabilization when shooting video.

It’s pretty cool, but not everyone understands the hype.

“I’m surprised actually that people are lining up," Carlos Sarmiento said. " You know taking away the headphone jack for a phone, I don’t think it’s a good design."

Hoping phone fanatics would embrace wireless is a risky design change that went highly criticized online.

But with crowds like this, Apple proves they’ve still got it. Even if it doesn’t happen to be the iPhone 7 plus on launch day.