Houston man attacked by crocodile in Mexico returns home with new look on life

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FULSHEAR, Texas — It's home sweet Houston for a local man, who didn't know if he'd ever make it back.

Jonathan Shoeneman, 34, is back on U.S. soil after surviving a crocodile attack in Cancun, Mexico. He was being treated for two weeks at a hospital there.

The owner of a charter fishing company, Shoeneman was spear fishing in murky water when he had a near-death encounter with the toothy beast.  Being the bad ass that he is, Shoeneman managed to fight off the crocodile and live to tell about it!

“I saw big teeth all of a sudden — snap!" Shoeneman said. "I just hear that hard snap. My head was inside his throat, mouth, and I was just punching and punching as hard as I could, and this other hand I was just digging this thumb futher and further and further into his eye. And luckily I reached back, there happened to be a branch there, I broke it off and just started beating it. I don’t know what happened, but it let me go."

The road to recovery will be a long one, he said the experience hasn't changed his love for the water or wildlife.

“I want to inspire people to follow their hearts and follow their dreams and you know with me I’m not slightly scared at all, I’m ready to keep on doing what I love, which is being in the water," he said.

Shoeneman also credits the prayers from his fellow Texans for helping him get through this tough time.

“Because of all these prayers and stuff, it made me religious and I wasn’t before," Shoeneman said.

It seems Texans hearts really are the biggest in the land.