What does a retired veteran cop find in cell phone video from Keith Scott’s shooting?

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CLEAR LAKE - Dramatic cell phone video from Rakeyia Scott moments before her husband  Keith Scott is shot to death by Charlotte Police on September 20th went public on Friday.

Attorneys for the Scott family say they released the video "in the name of truth and transparency."

"He's not gonna do anything to you guys....he just took his medicine," the wife calls out prior to the police shooting.

But what does an expert see in this video that we civilians don't see?

Ed Olbrys was a cop for 27 years.

"What I'm seeing is not a clear picture of what may have taken place there," Olbrys said. "It's confusing 'cause you're hearing the wife say he doesn't have a gun, but then I hear her say, 'Keith, don't you do it, don't you do it.'

"Earlier in the video, there's a police officer behind the pickup truck, and there's another officer in a stance in the middle of the road...pointing either over to the SUV or pickup, but then Keith the deceased is laying in the middle of the road afterwards," Olbrys observed. "Which....did he come at them at that point? I don't know?"

Olbrys says investigators need more than just the one-dimensional view of this particular video to get to the truth. "I think they should be maybe a little more transparent with the people, and let the people know where they're at in this investigation."

North Carolina Governor Pat McCory says investigators have already interviewed most of the  witnesses.

So, could eyewitness accounts contradict anything in the video?

"Videos are confusing," Olbrys insisted. "You can have two different views of a video and see two different things."

Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Chief Kerr Putney seems to agree. "I wish just based on video evidence it could give us probable cause, but it didn't work that way," he told reporters.

Charlotte Police refuse to release their video. We'll see if that changes.