Bombing of civilian areas in Syria claims over 200 lives and hundreds of casualties over weekend

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ALEPPO, Syria - The war-torn city of Aleppo has been bombarded yet again!

Activists say more than 200 people were killed over the weekend, with hundreds more wounded....this in a city which has already been left in ruins.

At least one baby-- lucky to be alive-- was pulled from the rubble and handed to her grateful father.

But rescue workers are risking their lives every moment they're trying to save lives.

"We don't know why they are targeting us. We are just saving people," Aleppo rescue worker Ismail Abdullah insisted in broken English. "We are doing our job. We are just doing for the people to save the save the women."

While the fighting continues with bombs in Aleppo, factions are hurling barbs back and forth at the UN Security Council.

The U.S. accuses Russia of aiding the Syrians in these brutal attacks, while the Russians blame the U.S. for the failure of the cease-fire in Syria.

Bashar al Jafaari, Syrian representative to the United Nations, predicted "I would like to reassure you that the Syrian government will reclaim Aleppo in its entirety."

Meanwhile, critical supplies and relief aid have been scorched by all the bombing!

"We need free, unimpeded, sustained and safe access to those all civilians in Syria in need," UN aid coordinator for Syria Jakob Kern said.

But for now, there's no relief in sight....leaving the people of Syria to pray for a miracle!