Car designed by Cosmo magazine may steer folks the wrong way

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MARTORELL, Spain — Surely you’ve heard about Cosmopolitan? The magazine best known for articles about love, celebrities, and how to please your man might be switching gears and getting into the car biz.

You’ll have to check out the SEAT Mii.  It's a joint effort by a United Kingdom car manufacturer, and the magazine some folks call the bible for women.

Not since Barbie revved up her convertible has there been such exciting news about cars for the ladies!

Designers said Mii has a woman's touch — jewel-effect rims, a handbag hook and even eyeliner headlights.

While the manufacturers are pretty proud of their creation, the car is getting its fenders bent on Twitter.

“Wow! Is he steering wheel small for my delicate hands?” says one tweet. And another reads, “How have we women coped so long without this??”

The collaborators are getting a lot of mileage out of saying it's not supposed to be just for woman. It's aimed specifically for the Cosmo reader.

Uh, is there a difference?

It sounds like Cosmo may be steering in the wrong direction.