Rare ‘Black Moon’ to rise Friday night— but what does it mean?

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HOUSTON — Something crazy will happen in the sky Friday night, but if you look up, you probably won't notice anything at all.

“It’s an interesting new name and it’s not an old name. It’s called the Black Moon and it’s used when you get two new moons in the same month. The blue moon, as in once in a blue moon, is two full moons in the same month,” Dr. Carolyn Summers, the VP of Astronomy at the HMNS noted.

And quite a few lunatics believe that this special celestial stage is a sign of the end of the world.

But have no fear because this sort of thing happens every two and a half years or so.

However, others who have an interest in astrology view the black moon as an especially powerful time during the lunar calendar.

“So we use that new moon for things like new beginnings. It’s time to make your prosperity wishes. It’s time to start new things, new projects,” expressed Jewel Chance, the owner of Pixie’s Intent who has a broad knowledge of astrology. “If you want to go get a new job, it’s a great time to do it when we have that new moon. But what we have is a Black Moon and the energy is extra special, it’s strong.”

Since the beginning of recorded history, ancient cultures viewed the moon as more than just a big rock in the sky, seeing it as a symbol of fertility, fate, femininity, and often times it would be worshiped as a goddess.

“We as people are so connected to the energy of the moon. Look at the way the moon controls the tides in the ocean- our bodies are like 80 percent water. It controls us too, ” Jewel said.  “I don’t know if people realize or not, but water has a lot of energy, psychic energy and it rules over our emotions. When the moon is new or the moon is full. It’s just that much stronger.”

And while many still believe that the moon contains these magical properties, some astronomers don’t quite see this black moon in the same way.

“It’s just one more connection that’s probably astrological. In other words, the fortune-telling that’s related to the sky. It’s an old profession. It’s not science, it’s fortune telling,” Dr. Summers said. “If you’re going to give a name to something like ‘Black Moon’ it’s going to sound very scary. But it’s exactly what it is… a moon that’s black.”

So whether or not you’re down with the moon’s magical properties, you can still get down and dance the moonwalk.