FBCSO makes powerful post calling out vendor for selling ‘realistic’ toy guns

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HOUSTON — The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office shared a controversial Facebook post Wednesday morning asking the Houston community to answer one question: which is the real gun?

The question was followed with two side-by-side pictures of a man's pocket — each with the butt of a gun hanging from it. Deputies said a man was walking around a fair Tuesday night with a toy gun tucked in his pocket. When a deputy approached him, the man put his hand on it to pull it out of his pocket, officers said.

"We applaud our deputy for not shooting him, as he easily could have," the post said.

It's important to note, the deputy did not approach the man because he was potentially armed. In the state of Texas, handgun owners are required to have a permit or license. In addition, the weapon must be carried in a hip or arm holster.

In response to the department's post, many agreed distinguishing potential threats in a crowd is a difficult decision officers are forced to make everyday. As dozens of people chimed into the discussion, some commended the officer for showing restraint and others criticized the man for walking around with a toy gun. A few people even suggested law enforcement used such exercises to educate the public. In all the comments, one questioned seemed to prevail: should vendors be allowed to sell 'realistic' to guns?

According to the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office, no.

"Parents, your kids do not need this toy," the post said.