Simon Says: Trump thinks he’s ‘smart’ with Taxes, but maybe it’s because the IRS is a mess!     

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You all know the phrase: ‘The only things certain in life are death and taxes.’

Although lately, all the tax talk has me a little freaked out. When Donald Trump boasted how ‘smart’ he is with his taxes, it got me thinking how screwed-up the IRS actually is. OK, it looks like Trump doesn’t pay, but he’s not alone!

A recent story in Forbes, claims nearly  45 percent of households don’t even pay Federal Income Tax. (Some families don’t  earn enough money,  but 45 percent?)

Think about it, that’s like half of your friends, are either as ‘smart’ as Trump, or they just figured out a way to outsmart the IRS.  That  isn’t hard to do, and there’s billions of  reasons why.

Tax refund fraud is expected to hit 21 billion dollars this year, that’s four times higher than just two years ago.   This is sobering: the IRS sent out 21 billion bucks to people who shouldn’t have gotten a cent. It’s an easy crime that  starts with someone getting a hold of your social security number.

I know how easy it is, because it happened to me,  and ever since  it’s made the process of filing my taxes about as gratifying as a root canal.

So go ahead, try calling the IRS's 800 number for help, you’ll be there a while!

We can all agree the IRS has some major issues, but how confident do you feel our next President will fix things?

It’s likely Trump doesn’t pay a cent, and Clinton doesn’t have the common sense to manage her emails — which is a good first step towards identity theft.

Our only hope: one day someone figures out a way to get revenue back into the Internal Revenue Service.