Video: Student dressed in gorilla suit taunts BLM protestors with confederate flag, bananas, rope

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JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. — Talk about campus hazing!

"This is what we've gotta live with, brother," Grant Madison, a college student, remarked while taking cell phone video of an unbelievable sight.

A white freshmen student, Tristan Rettke, showed up in a gorilla mask during a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest at East Tennessee State University.

"Here you go, sir," Rettke said in the video as he offers a banana to the camera.

"My hands are shaking, I'm so angry right now," Madison said at one point during the video.

Several students took cell phone video of the incident that showed the man taunting the BLM protesters with a rope — and even passing out bananas from a burlap bag with a confederate flag on it!

Incredibly, no fights broke out despite Rettke's best efforts to stir up the protesters. Police say Rettke later confessed that he wanted to "provoke" the protesters with his actions.

But police showed up and unmasked the freshmen. They charged Rettke with one count of civil rights intimidation, and he's been suspended by the university.