White Prairie View A&M student ‘tryna fit in’ takes picture in duct-tape blackface

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PRAIRIE VIEW, Texas — It's hard to open a browser these days and not see a story fueled by racial issues.  And today is no different.

Have you seen the viral photo of the white Prairie View student, a soccer player on scholarship, who thought it would be funny to wrap her face in duct tape? She added to the image on Snapchat, "When you just tryna fit in at your hbcu," historically black college or university.

Not the best way to make friends and influence people on a campus that's 85 percent black and just 3 percent.

Hallie James lives in the same dorm as the girl in question. "I think she meant it in a funny way, but that's not funny," says James, "and you shouldn't play like that, you know?"

Tatiana Scroggins, a junior, agrees, "Why is she at this school? If you feel like you have (such a) hard time fitting in or whatever, why did she go here? Why did she pick to go here?"

Sophomore Amir Mitchell is a little more forgiving, "I was like, 'Give her the benefit of the doubt and let her make it through.' I heard that she was kicked off the soccer team."

Senior Reggie Garrett says he has no time for foolishness like this, "I feel like what should happen, she should obviously lose her scholarship and leave the school because it's not acceptable here."

"I don't think they should do that," says Matthew Turner, also a senior, "More likely this should be a teaching lesson."

University president George C. Wright addressed the picture on the campus facebook page: "As a community, we denounce any racial slight whenever it occurs. We have a duty to educate our community to always try to act in a responsible manner and recognize that speech does have consequences." He says the university will address the issue more publicly next week.

"If I was the president," says PVAMU freshman D.J. Jordan, "I would address to her and it would be a learning experience, like a warning."

Far more serious consequences faced the Kansas State students who did basically the same thing earlier this month with mud masks, posting the pic and labeling it, "Feels good to finally be a n———a." They were expelled.

Morgan C. Shockley, a senior, says folks should lighten up, "People get upset over the littlest things, especially when it comes to race. So when you add this in on top of everything that's going on in our nation, I can understand how people are gonna get offended."

"Would you walk around with that black tape on your face?" Turner asks. "You wouldn't do that."

"We're adults now," says Morgan Gatson, who is graduating this year, "so we're not really allowed to make too many mistakes. And that was a large one."

Whatever happens to the student in question, you know she's learned a lesson. And isn't that what college is supposed to be about?