Houston Activists Protest White Lives Matter Rally

Houston, Texas -- A White Lives Matter rally was held outside the offices of the Anti-Defamation League in Houston to protest the organization's labeling of them as a hate group.

Tensions ran high as it became a clash of opposing protests….

"Anytime you mention the word white in front of civil liberties to mainstream people, it discredits the civil liberties parts...which is shouldn't yah know...they have a black caucus, they have a black college fund, they have black civil rights organizations, and that's fine...they have the right to do so, but we have the right to do so also, and there's a double standard in this country. Because as soon as we do it, we become evil, we become racists, we become Neo-Nazis," White Lives Matter member Ken Reed said.

"It's very sad to see that people can have so much hate in their hearts first of all and just so much air in their heads, it's quite amazing...they don't know what they're doing obviously most of them just think it's kind of funny the whole situation so they don't really care...they're not convicted they're just here to make us mad," expresses opposing protester Bronte Mackenzie Westmoreland.

"The Anti-Defamation League has labeled the White Lives Matter movement as a hate group, and we've done all of our protests have been nothing but peaceful, law-abiding...nothing like the opposition obviously....they are murdering, killing, murdering, burning down cities, for the killing of all white folk...yet they're not labeled a hate group", says WLM protester Scott Lacy.

"These fascists are really walking over here saying 'White lives matter'... like they've never mattered before...as you can see, they've always mattered, they have never had to worry about their children going outside and riding their bikes and getting gunned down, or chased by police....they've never had worry about getting pulled over and gunned down and killed because of their skin color...they've never had to!! We've always had to!! We've always had to worry," explains BLM protester Sabrina Holler.