Glitch: This week in geek

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HOUSTON — Anyone ever heard of silk-tech? Researchers in Beijing introduced a clever way to not only make the illustrious thread even stronger, but also conduct electricity. Simply by genetically alter the silk worms by feed them carbon nanotubes and graphene to make the spun silk twice as durable. Creating endless possibilities for wearable technology and medical implants. Not to mention, if one bites a human, we might get Spider-Man.

Sometimes it's what we 'don't see' that turns us on, right? Panasonic showed off a new "invisible" TV at Japan’s electronics show. When switched off, the glass becomes transparent. Meaning you have an unobstructed, clear vision view of what's on the other side. And since the glass is movable, the TV can double as a cabinet door. There`s really only one problem, we can`t own it for at least another three years.

The popular video game, Assassin’s Creed, is finally being made into a long awaited live action movie. Set to be released in December 2016. The film stars Michael Fassbender. But more importantly it's 140 minutes long, making it the longest video game themed film of the year. So fans get to enjoy the Spanish Inquisition for close to two and a half hours. Just hope the flick can stand up to Rogue One.

Bad news for Hellboy fans. The big, red, club-handed, softy is most likely dead. Hellboy himself, Ron Pearlman, let the 'Beast out of the bag' at Comic-Con in New York. Pearlman said that the idea for a third installment in the trilogy would now sit on the shelf indefinitely. Nice knowing you red.