Live turkeys thrown from plane during annual festival

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YELLVILLE, Ark. — It's raining turkeys! At least, it was in one small Arkansas town for the weekend.

Residents from across the state gathered for the 71st Annual Turkey Trot Festival in Yellville. During the celebration, attendees watch a pilot chuck living and gobbling turkeys to the ground from 500 feet above.

"People from the city — that don't know — think they just crash to the ground and that we're just out here murdering turkeys," resident Vicki Sefter said.

While many residents feel the tradition is all in good fun, others not so much.

"I believe it's inhumane," resident Bobby Wilson. "I've seen a couple of the birds get in the power lines and get burned up by the power lines, and I've seen some of them get hit by cars."

If they don't start keeping their feathered friends on the ground, some people.