Florida man drives his prized BMW into his living room to keep it safe during Hurricane Matthew

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PORT ST. LUCIE, Flor. - Talk about riding the storm out!

A guy in Port St. Lucie loves his 'Beamer' so much that he actually parked it in his living room so his precious car could be kept safe when Hurricane Matthew hit the Florida coast!

Yep, Randy Jalil says after he filled his garage with two other BMWs, he realized he had to find a safe, secure place for his BMW M3.

As Randy put it, "I wasn't risking anything!"

So, the day before the storm hit, he grabbed a tape measure and discovered he had just enough room through his front doors to squeeze his 'pride and joy' into the living room.

Randy parked the car on his tile floor-- and though he did suffer some fluids leaking, he says it wasn't too bad.

And he and his Beamer spent plenty of quality time together all through the storm!

Since both man and car made it through the historic storm safe and sound, well, now they can drive off into the sunset together...and live happily ever after!