HPD: Intruder ‘exposed himself’ before being shot by dentist in SE Houston

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HOUSTON - Nobody likes to visit the dentist, but a couple of intruders found out just how painful a visit can be after a dentist allegedly shot one of the men in the stomach.

"Some guys were walking around here looking like they were full of drugs or something...some screaming," Juan Vasquez, who witnessed the aftermath of the incident, recalled. "And they said one of the guys started exposing himself to the girls that work inside (the dental office). And that's when the dentist guy came out and told him he needed to step out. And that's when the dentist guy told him to step back. And that's when the dentist guy shot him."

Houston Police Department investigators say an armed dentist eventually shot the intruder in the parking lot.

Coauvia Diaz works at Subway restaurant across the street. "And suddenly, we heard somebody scream, 'somebody's shot!'" Diaz said. "And somebody just ran on the other side of the street. And after that, I saw the doctors outside."

Cops say the wounded man was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive.

No charges have been filed in the shooting at this point.

Witnesses say the Subway shop across the street was recently robbed, and so neighbors are naturally nervous. "But we're scared that somebody's going to actually take a gun and shoot somebody," Diaz shared. "That's our fear."

One thing's for sure, any bad guys in this 'hood will probably think twice about their next visit to a dentist!