Late night comedy shows are loving Ken Bone and so are we!

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ST. LOUIS — When a nation was hurting over Harambe, we received a hero we did not deserve: KEN BONE.

The internet cannot seem to get enough of the infamous, red-sweater-wearing man at the second presidential debate. Apparently, neither can the late night comedians.

The debate sensation made his debut on Jimmy Kimmel Monday night, only to discover his fans are calling themselves "Boneheads." Bone said, "That's fantastic. I've been calling my family that for years."

Bone talked about the olive suite he originally planned to wear on TV.

"I thought, 'wow, grandpa would be so proud if I wore this suit.' But apparently, I've gotten somewhat fat since then. When I got into my car I split the seam out of my pants and destroyed my olive suit. I had to do an emergency wardrobe change."

Little did he know, the red sweater would forever change America!

So, who is "The Bonester" voting for. He's more undecided than ever.

"I try to base most of my decisions on positive things and neither of them have given me many," he said.

Preach to the choir, Kenny!

But it would not be a debate wrap-up without mentioning Donald Trump's infamous "Locker Room Talk" Access Hollywood tape. As Seth Myers put it, "Now it should be noted NBC suspended Billy Bush from the Today show for his words on this tape; which means there is currently a higher standard for host of the third hour of the Today Show than there is for the republican nominee for president."

It's safe to say the real winner of debate number two is the legendary, Ken Bone.  Never change, man!