Latest leaked e-mails focus on Hillary Clinton’s daughter

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BEAVER COUNTY, Pa. — Another day on the campaign trail, another revelation.

"WikiLeaks," Donald Trump says. "Some new stuff.  Some brutal stuff."

Yes, this has to do with e-mails. The story that can't just be deleted. During the second presidential debate Trump asked the moderators, "Why aren't you bringing up the emails?  I'd like to know."

The latest batch to show up on the WikiLeaks site is actually from current Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta's account. Some of these e-mails are five years old.

One bombshell is from longtime Clinton advisor, Doug Band. He writes about the Clintons' daughter, Chelsea, and her involvement with the family charity.

"Some brutal stuff," says Trump. "I'd read it to you, but the hell with it.  Just trust me, it's real bad stuff."

How bad is it? Judge for yourself.

Band writes to Podesta, "She is acting like a spoiled brat kid....who hasn't found her way.....and lacks focus in her life."

There are plenty of e-mails with this latest WikiLeaks release that may, in fact, be more damaging to Clinton. Such as one from her director of communications that says Clinton has "begun to hate everyday Americans."  Or another that gave Clinton questions ahead of  time that would be asked during a town hall.

While some leaked e-mails should be red-flagged, perhaps not all of them need to be.

Regarding the accusation about Chelsea Clinton....true or not, do spoiled brats endanger national security?