Local camera store paints cool mural on building as part of re-branding campaign

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HOUSTON -- A local company is using a cool feature to capture attention and re-brand its business.
MicroSearch is changing its name to Prime Camera and is doing it in a very decorative way.
How? By painting a mural on the side of its building.

"It's a small little smile at everyone who goes by,"said Robert Gutierrez, Artist. "We wanted to do something really cool, something brand new for our brand new name so we designed a brand new mural."

The mural is not only going to feature film making projects, but will also incorporate the beauty of "everything Houston."
The owners brought in local artist Robert Gutierrez to capture the essence of the project.

"We thought he would be the perfect fit for what we are trying to accomplish with the piece," Gordon said. "People want to see something a little bit different. They don't want to see just the brand logo on a building now, they want to see something that's eye-catching, that pops, that makes them want to come in and see what it is all about."

Hey, we think it's all pretty dope. Love it!

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