Pokemon Go players accounted for 144 billion steps taken this summer

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HOUSTON — All that Pokemon go you played this summer paid off at least in the fitness department.

A new Microsoft Research study estimates that folks who used the Pokemon Go app took more than 100 billion steps in three months.

"I easily took 10,000 steps a day while playing Pokemon go no question," said Austin Lucas who was an avid player during the wave.

The study finds, players have increased their exercise levels so much that they have accounted for an estimated 144 billion steps nationwide.

"The idea that a video game could lead to good health is pretty cool," said Chris Unclebach, owner of Insomnia Video Game Culture and Vinyl Toys.

"It's not something you would normally associate with it."

The mobile game may also be useful for sizing up political opponents. Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg was caught playing during a recent parliament debate.