Samsung halts production replacement of Note 7, exchanges and refunds forthcoming

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SAN JOSE, Calif. — The Samsung brand is on fire, but not in the good way.

After Samsung announced Tuesday morning that they're halting production of the Galaxy Note 7 - Samsung stock dropped by over 7%.

Their biggest competitor, Apple, hit a 10-month high.

A total recall on the Note 7 has owners forced to turn off their phones and not charge them, and head directly to where they bought their phone, for a full refund, or exchange it for a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge - and a $25 gift card.

Sure, Google, HTC,and others make phones too, but for the most part, the battle for your pocket piece has been between Apple and Samsung.

With this latest battery blow-up, is there any chance folks' next phone buy will be a Samsung - Note or not!?

“No I think they got big problems, it's like the Volkswagen debacle or the Toyota break problem,” said Jim Moriarty.

“Most likely yes, I really like the flexibility of the Android. IPhones have a tendency to keep a lock on their apps that you have to specifically purchase through iTunes,” said Tanika Lockett.

“Oh no, the safety issues are ridiculous. I’m not going to go there, no one should, ya know, and the iPhone works great so why mess with it?” said Joe Gierat.

The stock market battle isn't the only face-off Samsung and Apple are engaged in. The Supreme Court started hearing arguments today as Apple tries to make Samsung pay the full $1 billion penalty from a 2012 patent infringement suit, rather than the $548 million amount Samsung whittled it down to in a 2015 appeal.

If that goes Apple's way, the flames from Samsung’s 2016 meltdown are sure to burn just a little brighter. Who brought the marshmallows?