Trump, Ryan duke it out online as tape scandal continues to tailspin out of control

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NEW YORK — Welcome to the 2016 presidential election....also known as “Sex, Lies and Videotape.”

Billy Bush isn’t even running for office, but the suspended Today Show anchor is getting even more unwanted attention for his role in the, now infamous, Access Hollywood tape.

According to PageSix, back in August, Bush bragged to his NBC co-workers  about a tape of “Trump being a real dog.”  But, Bush never told his bosses.  That could violate his contract’s morality clause.

On that tape, Bush encourages Trump as he talks about his failed attempts to seduce Billy’s ex-Access Hollywood co-host, Nancy O’Dell.  That might lead to a workplace sexual harassment investigation.

The tape tailspin continues for Trump.  House Speaker Paul Ryan says he’ll no longer defend the candidate.  Trump quickly tweeted “Ryan should spend more time on balancing the budget, jobs and illegal immigration.”

Ryan plans to make sure Hillary Clinton doesn’t get a Democratic controlled congress, implying Trump can’t win.  Trump’s next tweet called Ryan “weak and ineffective.”

The author of the recently released book, “The Making of Donald Trump” has his own opinion of the daily drama.

"Donald Trump's entire life is filled with formal findings of discriminating against blacks, women, Asians and Puerto Ricans," said David Cay Johnston. "He has consistently behaved in ways that should really trouble people."

At the very least, this election will go down in history for a variety of firsts....if it doesn’t go down in flames.