CoverGirl introduces first male beauty ambassador

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NEW YORK --  Move over Ellen, Katy, and Zendaya.....

There's a new CoverGirl in town...more like, cover BOY!

Meet YouTube sensation, James Charles....

The newest beauty ambassador is 17 years old, and only started doing makeup a little over a year ago - but already as a huge following.  With 77,000 YouTube subscribers, and 531,000 Instagram followers, it’s not hard to see why CoverGirl chose this majorly talented makeup artist.

And artist he is....

CoverGirl’s decision marks the beginning of a new era.  They're challenging gender ideals and stereotypes.

And it seems the makeup pros are no longer just covering girls...But everyone.

CoverGirl — which is owned by Coty Inc. — and Charles announced the new agreement on social media, along with pop star Katy Perry, who recently posed alongside Charles in a CoverGirl photoshoot.

In its tweeted announcement, CoverGirl introduced James as a “makeup artist, boundary breaker, and the newest COVERGIRL! #COVERGIRLJames.”

Charles will also star in an upcoming TV ad for the brand, according to his Instagram post.

CoverGirl said in a statement that it aims to bring on “boundary-breaking” brand representatives.

While some of the men in the community identify as transgender, Charles explained in an interview with Marie Claire that for some of them makeup is just another form of creative expression.

“My parents started questioning me about whether or not I was transgender,” he told the magazine in May. “It took a lot of thorough conversations to explain that it’s an art form for me. I’m still confident as a boy and I will always be a boy. I can be confident with bare skin and with a full face.”

The announcement met a chorus praise from social media users who called the decision a step in the right direction for the beauty industry.

“A+ leap of progression in this world,” writer and producer Daniel Preda said on Twitter.

“Such a huge step for us male makeup artists and male beauty influencers!” said an Instagram user.