Hiker gets attacked by bear after interrupting bears having sex in the woods

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SIERRA MADRE, Calif. - When the woods are a rockin,' don't come a knockin'!

That's what Californian Dan Richman learned the hard way when he apparently stumbled upon two bears in the woods getting down and dirty!

"I saw this bear standing on its hind legs, and I've never seen a bear in person before," Richman said. "So, I was pretty freaked out."

That's when the bear's mate decided to teach this 'peeping Tom' a lesson!

"He first grabbed my wrist...he actually put his mouth around the back of my neck," Richman recalled. "And I just stayed really, really still. I was down on my hands and knees, and I was perfectly still.....because it was the only chance that I had."

Richman was able to walk to a nearby cabin where a friend called 911 for help.

"I'm walking with someone right now who was just attacked by a bear in Berry Canyon," the friend told the dispatcher.

"Does he need medical assistance?" the operator asked.

"Yeah. He's bleeding," she responded.

Officials say Richman is lucky to be alive after the 200-300 lbs. bear went after the 54-year-old hiker.

"It's hard to imagine until one attacks you, and you just feel the strength of its jaws and body," Richman shared.

Next time Richman sees a bear in the woods, he'll probably look for a 'Do Not Disturb' sign before doing anything else!