Missouri City woman says she found dirty napkin in her Dairy Queen burger

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MISSOURI CITY, Texas - Dairy Queen stands by their slogan, 'Something different' but one of their fast food spots in Missouri City may have taken this one a little too far, at least according to one woman.

Dena Evans says she found a dirty napkin in her burger!

"My mom was the one eating the burger," said Evans. "She bit down and said, what's this?"

What's even more bizarre,  Evans says she brought the burger back to the restaurant and asked for a manager and soon after she says the manager took her napkin burger and threw it away.

"He winked his eye and said, 'What burger? I don't know what you're talking about.' So that blew me over the top," said Evans.

NewsFix spoke to the manager of the Dairy Queen in Missouri City and they have no comment, but they are investigating the incident.

Evans has since retrieved her burger with the help of police and she plans to take legal action.

For now, she called the restaurant out on social media and her warning is being shared by many.