Number of pot arrests outnumber combined violent crime arrests in US

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NEW YORK — The scales of justice seem to be unbalanced, and many say it's going to "pot."

According to a report from the Human Rights Watch and the ACLU, police made more marijuana-related arrests last year than for all violent crimes combined. This, despite of the decriminalization, to full-out legalization of pot in some states.

Toke on this. According to the study, every 25 seconds someone is arrested in the US simply for possessing drugs for their personal use. That amounts to 137,000 Americans behind bars in any given day. The report claims that number is higher than the total of murders, rapists and robbers currently in jail. Critics of the Criminal Justice System say cops can make better use of their time and tax payer money by busting who they call "the real bad guys" instead of stoners.

The report also claims "race" plays a big part in who's getting busted for pot. According to the ACLU, despite similar rates of drug use, a black person is 2 and a half time more likely than a white person to be arrested for possessing drugs. In some states, it's even higher.

Researchers want to see continued legalization of some drugs and more of a focus on finding violent felons. So is it "high time" we correct our lopsided Correctional System. Or is this "fix" just a pipe dream?