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The New Black Panther Party’s leader accused of ripping off clients

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One Houston justice seeker really has some explaining to do.

A group rallied outside the Harris County Courthouse this Thursday, claiming activist and New Black Panther Party leader, Quanell X, has ripped them off.

“In April of this year, my daughter was prosecuted and we hired Quanell X because we felt that she wasn’t given a fair. He was paid 5000 dollars to give us aid and nothing happened. I called him constantly… Eventually he stopped answering the calls., recalled Houston resident Charles Carter.

Minister Quanell X is not a lawyer, but he`s been known to take a cash retainer to represent social justice cases where he strives to promote equality and fairness.

However, some are saying fairness is the last thing on his mind.

“We want Quanell X not just pay them their money back, We want Quanell X’s ass to go to jail and I want them to cut his hands off for stealing,” voiced activist Ricky Jasonhe, who works with Dick Gregory.

But Quanell claims that his upset clients broke contract by coming to him on false terms.

When contacted, Quanell texted us his statement, saying, “We welcome any member of the human family to reach out to us for help, but when you do, please tell us the truth and don’t leave out important facts. Often, people come to us, claiming racism and when we research and investigate the case, we learn that racism has nothing to do with the case. Just because you retained my office to help you does not mean we will lie for you.”

A retainer is basically a cash advancement that a client give for his or her representation that will sit in a trust account and only be pulled from when the representation works on the case.

Then if the amount in the retainer is a surplus when the whole process is complete, the excess funds will return to the client at least that’s how lawyers do it.

For example, if a lawyer asks for a $4000 one time retainer and the lawyer works for five hours at 200 dollars per hour, then there would be $3000 going back to the client.

But Quanell’s contracts don`t state anything about refunds and that`s why you always need to read the fine print.

Technicalities like these can really hurt those who don`t know legal lingo.

“I was desperate. I paid him the money because I wanted my child back. When I asked him what was going on with the case, he said he got a 90 day extension with the Louisiana Judge… which was not true," exclaimed Beaumont Citizen, Mary Wiltz. She continued,

“I gave him a total of 17,500 and I still lost custody of my child Cambrin Wiltz, so where is the justice here?”

The group intends to file a class action lawsuit to seek justice for themselves.