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Wikileaks Clinton campaign emails show bigotry against Catholics, Latinos, and possible collusion in DOJ investigation

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Talk about fixing leaks!

"This is a conspiracy against you, the American people, and we cannot let this happen or continue!" Donald Trump warned supporters at a rally in Florida on Thursday.

The Clinton campaign is handling its own crisis being accused of conspiracy and collusion with the Department of Justice in the wake of more Wikileak documents released on Thursday.

The Trump campaign insists that one of the Wiki revelations is that Hillary Clinton was colluding with the Obama Administration's DOJ during the FBI investigation of Clinton's email server.

Some emails show the campaign debating how Hillary should respond publicly regarding her handling of 'classified' info from her private server.

"There's absolutely no proof that there's collusion between the Clintons and the DOJ,"  Democratic Rep. Jim Himes from Connecticut insisted.

Another controversial revelation from the "leaked" emails allegedly stolen from Clinton campaign chair John Podesta include a 2015 email titled "Needy Latinos."

Apparently, Podesta sent the email to Clinton trying to drum up support from some top Latino leaders in the Democratic party, even though he says Gov. Bill Richardson can be a real "d***" and former Energy Sec. Federico Pena is "carrying some baggage."

But so far, Podesta refuses to authenticate the "leaked" emails and says Wikileaks falsely identified him when they first started dumping the docs.

"So I don't know what else is false and what they're putting out," Podesta claimed. "We have a campaign to run."

US officials claim Russia is behind the hacking of the 'stolen' emails from the Democrats, and Hillary says it's part of a Russian conspiracy to elect Trump as president.

The Trump campaign denies any involvement but would rather focus on the leaked info an alleged attack on Catholics.

"Her staff is caught calling Catholics "backwards," Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway revealed. "In an email heeding with disdain for us and our core beliefs."

With Wikileaks vowing to share a total of 50,000 documents in all before Election Day, plugging up these "leaks" won't be easy!