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Forbes lists top earning dead celebrities…and Number One earned more than anyone, dead or alive!

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NEW YORK, NY - The annual Forbes list of richest dead celebs is out, and a lot of dead guys really know how to cash-in after checking out!

The King of Pop-- Michael Jackson-- remains at the top of the charts for anyone-- dead or alive-- pulling in a staggering $825 Million!

Not bad for a dead guy, eh?

'Thriller' ranks #1 on Billboard's chart of top Halloween tunes, too.

And MJ's purchase of The Beatles song catalog is another reason he banks so much dough from the other side.

...Which keeps him in good company since John Lennon checks in at number eight on the Forbes list, having earned $12 Million this year.

But 'Peanuts' creator Charles Schulz is number two-- making $48 Million in death.

Now that's a lot of Peanuts!

Prince is partying like he's number 5....after making $25 Million in the after-life!

And the King of Rock -N- Roll-- Elvis Presley-- still rakes in $27 Million after leaving the building, putting him at number four on the list.

Fresh from his exit, legendary golfer Arnold Palmer chipped in the number three spot.....since his $40 Million is par for the course.

Bob Marley still pulls in $21 Million from the grave, and that's good enough to put him at number six on the list.

And David Bowie barely missed the Top 10, finishing at number 11 with a cool $10.5 Mill.

So, all in was a pretty good year for the dead!