Is the oldest hotel in Texas haunted by ghosts?

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SEGUIN, Texas - It's the season for things that go bump in the night, and give you goosebumps, to boot.

At the oldest hotel in the Lone Star State, you might just find yourself sleeping with a ghost!

Welcome to the Magnolia Hotel in Seguin, where guests don't just tell ghost stories, they live them!

One of the owners, Erin Ghedi, recalled what it was like when she and her husband first spent the night in the Magnolia.

"Jim popped the cork, and we started to pour the champagne into the glass," she remembered. "When we did, all the doors just slammed closed and we got this cold breeze right between us. He turned to me and he goes, 'Well, so much for not being haunted.'"

Many spirits are rumored to haunt this old haunt...including a murderer!

They say the room of William Faust, and in the room there is the picture of the little girl he murdered.

"He realized the mistake he made," Ghedi remarked, "He got back on his horse. He rode it all the way back to Seguin....put the horse in the stable, and then... and he's knocking!" (Knocking sounds could be heard coming from the second floor).

"There's nobody upstairs," her husband Jim explained.

"Right," Erin agreed. "And so I'm talking about him. and he does that."

If that doesn't creep you out, maybe the constant whistling from another former guest will!

"Did you hear it?" Erin asked a guest.

"Yeah," they responded.

The innkeepers say those sounds come from the ghost of "Charlie," a man who committed suicide many moons ago.

"It definitely sounded like it was.... there we go! Whistle!" Ghedi confirmed.

So, come visit the Magnolia in Seguin, if you dare!

Just remember, some guests may check in and never check out!