Texas man gets stung by yellow jackets on the lips, puffy lips video goes viral

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LEAGUE CITY - Talk about catching a buzz...

This guy from League City-- Jose Rivas-- got stung by a couple of yellow jackets right on the lips, and now he's a viral sensation on Facebook!

"Sad face...duck lips...on fleek!" Rivas posed for his own viral video.

Wow....who knew you could skip the lip injections to become so fashionable?

All with some help from a little friend with a stinger!

"You know how much I spent on this? Nothing!" Rivas announces in his video. "Went to chase some car keys...pow! Pow! Mmm...two yellow jacket stings to the lips later and boom!"

Yeah, forget about Kim Kardashian 'duck lips!'

"Ka-pow...Mmm....Kim Kardashian, they'll be looking at you for lips....for days," Rivas humorously insists with his giant pouty lips in his video.

Yeah, this guy definitely knows the power of super-sizing!

His puffy lips video has gotten over 10 million views and counting on Facebook.

But fortunately for Jose, he's all better now, and his lips are a little less inflated.

"Notice I didn't go to the hospital," Rivas explained in another video post. "I just toughed it out with some beer and some Benadryl."

And he's enjoying his new-found celebrity in the online world. "Whew! I haven't had this much action on my phone in ever!" Rivas exclaims in another video post.

So, all you lip lovers like Kim K and Angelina, eat your heart out!