Snook ISD teacher caught on camera repeatedly throwing student onto bean bag

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SNOOK, Texas - Get ready for your blood to boil after watching this video.  A so-called "behavior specialist" is learning a lesson of his own after being fired for tossing around a young student, investigators said.

In the disturbing video, the teacher pushes around the boy saying: "Tell me no!  When I say you do something you do it, boy. When I tell you to sit in that blue bean bag, you do it. Let's try it again. Get in that blue bean bag; get in that blue bean bag. I said. get in that blue bean bag! (Little boy crying) No! (Teacher) I'll do it again. Get in that blue bean bag, get in that blue bean bag. Get on it. Now stand up! Now get up! I told you to get up! Get off my bean bag, get off my bean bag."

Troy Vann, the teacher, is the only person who needs punishing in this video.

A concerned mother posted the footage, after her son recorded Vann pushing the young boy around. The post reads: "I even called the principal, she said oh, I'll look into into it then she erased it. But my son sent it to another phone to keep a copy, so if you know this poor baby being mistreated, stand up for him."

In a statement released by Snook ISD, the district says "the actions of the employee are upsetting and alarming. The principal took the video recording from the student and preserved it as a part of the initial investigation."

The Burleson County Sherrif's office is now looking into the case.

To think teachers like Vann are out there is not a comforting thought. Disciplining a child is one thing; but manhandling a child like this is teetering with illegal.