UH presidential poll: Clinton, Trump are dead heat in Texas

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HOUSTON — Everything is bigger in Texas, and with our politics, things are usually red but that may change.

A new Texas presidential election survey from the University of Houston shows Trump ahead of Clinton by just three percentage points, leading her 41 percent to 38 percent.

With a three percent margin of error that's a statistical tie, we're talking  Texas, a state that bleeds red.

"Texas is in play, not likely to produce a democratic candidate, but something we have not seen for at least 20 years," said Robert Stein, co-director of the survey and Professor of Political Science at Rice University.

"This is very much a race that Hillary Clinton has a chance to win," said Stein.

"I noticed for instance, five percent of self identified Republicans are now voting for Hillary Clinton, another two percent are not voting for Donald Trump and have chosen another candidate."

Surprising or not - Texas folks really don't like Trump or Clinton.  The survey shows 48 percent of Texans with a highly unfavorable view of Trump, while 47 percent said the same of Clinton.

"You've got two candidates here, not only do voters not like but within the parties, there's not but a bare majority for any candidate getting a very favorable rating," said Stein.