Virgin founder Richard Branson: Donald Trump is ‘dangerous’ and ‘doesn’t know how to run a business’

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DALLAS — Billionaire business magnate and founder of the Virgin Group Richard Branson appeared in Texas Monday to celebrate the ground-breaking of Virgin Hotels in Dallas, according to Eye Opener.

Construction on the new 240-room, 14-floor structure is set to begin next year with the hotel's opening sometime late 2018.

But it wasn't all business and buildings for Branson Monday night.

Eye Opener's Allyn Hoang attended the grand-opening where she asked him about the current presidential election, namely Donald Trump.

Branson has recently been vocal about his disapproval of Trump, and yet again, he did not mince words.

"I find him quite a dangerous individual. I don't think America deserves to have somebody like that as your president," Branson told Eye Opener.  "And I don`t think the world deserves someone like that as the President of America."

The billionaire tycoon went on to say he would like to see a fellow entrepreneur become president one day, just not Trump.

"He's been bankrupt three times," said Branson. "He doesn't know how to run a business well, despite the fact that he was given a lot of money."

Branson officially endorsed Hillary Clinton in a blog post Friday on the Virgin website, calling Clinton "a safe pair of hands and a leader of supreme experience and know-how."