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‘How to sell your soul’ most Googled ‘how to’ question in Texas

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AUSTIN, Texas — In the do-it-yourself era we live in, knowing how to do pretty much anything is just a Google search away.

The folks over at Estately Blog put together a map of the most frequently Googled "how to" questions by state! The results are both hilarious  and sometimes kinda frightening.

Florida, for example, known for sunny beaches and home to the some of the best theme parks around. Yet the burning question in the Sunshine State is - “how to get out of Florida?”

In Colorado, it’s “how to grow marijuana?”

Sure it’s legalized under state law, and Coloradans over the age of 21 can grow up to 3 plants at home for personal use, but it’s still illegal under federal law, so watch what you put in your browser history, eh?

In California, they want to know “how to spot a narcissist?” Ok, Los Angeles is understandable but all of California? Yikes!

Now some are just plane scary, like Delaware. “how to get away with murder!?!?!”

But in Texas, right at the edge of the bible belt, people wanna know, “how to sell your soul?”

The results? First thing that pops up is a tabloid article giving you tips!

Guess it’s never good to go into a negotiation blind. But com'on Texas! Some things just shouldn’t be put up for sale!