Jurors take pics with Derrick Rose after rape case acquittal

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Is this the face of justice?

A tweet from Sports Outlet Deadspin shows New York Knicks player Derrick Rose moments after he was cleared of rape charges in a civil trial. But wait! Those are jurors from the trail he's posing with!

Rose and two of his friends were accused of raping the player's ex-girlfriend while she was impaired by drugs and alcohol in 2013. The defendants have been acquitted, with some jurors saying they didn't find the plaintiff credible and thought there wasn't enough evidence.

But moments after the verdict, two jurors were posing with Rose in the courthouse lobby! Reports say one of the jurors had never heard of rose and the other said he is not a fan.

But com'on! Jurors fawning over the defendant doesn't exactly appear to be fair and impartial.

On the top of pics...

Sports Illustrated writer Kenny Ducey tweeted that after the trail, the presiding judge told Rose, "Best wishes. Expect when the Knicks play the Lakers."

Holy Crap! Are accusations against Donald Trump the only ones we take seriously anymore? Los Angeles police say a criminal investigation is still ongoing, despite the civil verdict.

So who knows. Maybe the scales of justice are still coming into balance.