Philippines president tells China he’s cutting all military and economic ties with the U.S.

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MANILA, Philippines - Talk about going off the deep end!

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte says his country is 'breaking up' with the U.S. after 70 years of friendship!

"I announce my separation from the United States," Duterte said.

Duterte publicly declared the break-up in Beijing, where he says China will become the new Filipino partner for all trade and military needs. "So I will be dependent on you for long time," he added.

And the Chinese Government seems to like the new arrangement, since they really rolled out the RED carpet for Duterte.

"We're happy that China is leading the way in Asia," Duterte announced in an interview. "And China has a commanding lead in Asia and in the trade all over the world."

And Duterte has his eyes on another major world partner-- Vladimir Putin-- and Russia.

As Duterte tells Chinese leaders, "There are three of us against the world-- China, Philippines, and Russia!"

It's no secret Duterte despises President Obama, especially since he's told him to go to hell and publicly called him a son of a b***h just last month.

So, how exactly will Duterte cut military ties with the U.S.? Also, what will happen with the U.S. companies that have invested an estimated $4.7 billion there?

With anti-American protests revving up in Manila, whatever happens, it doesn't look good for the USA.