STDs reach record high in United States, CDC says

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - We’re still breaking records America! But not in a good way...

The annual Centers for Disease Control report on sexually transmitted diseases is out for 2015. The number of most common sexually transmitted infections in the U.S. is at an all time high.

Around 1.5 million new cases of chlamydia were diagnosed in 2015 — that's up 6 percent.

And 400,000 new cases of gonorrhea. Yeesh! Hopefully not the drug resistant kind. Gonorrhea is up nearly 13 percent.

Syphilis had the biggest jump, up 19 percent.

Who’s most at risk? Frightening as it may be,  Americans age 15 to 24 accounted for the majority of the new chlamydia and gonorrhea cases.

Also at risk, gay men, who accounted for a large chunk of the new gonorrhea and syphilis numbers.

Blame is being directed at a drop in government programs that educate on prevention, and a lack of testing.

You never know what’s floating around out there.  So be careful, wear protection, and get tested! Three times a year if you’re living a high-risk lifestyle!

Because a clear conscience beats pleading ignorance a hundred percent of the time.