European Space Agency loses contact with its Mars lander, while part of an ancient UFO may have been found in Romania

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MARS - And's time for more adventures of Newsfix in space!

Our first stop-- the planet Mars, where European space officials have lost all contact with their Mars Lander space probe.

The lander-- known as the 'Schiaparelli Spacecraft'-- was supposed to land on the Red Planet on Wednesday, but something may have gone wrong.

Officials say the spacecraft descended through the Martian atmosphere, but so far, the European Space Agency has yet to get a signal back from the lost lander.

Who knows what might have happened to the rogue probe?

Officials hope to find a trace of the lander soon since it will only operate for three to 10 days before the batteries run out.

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, investigators in Romania have a 'heavy metal' problem on their hands.

No, not that kind of metal.....this kind-- as in a piece of aluminum that's actually 250,000 years old!

The unusual aluminum artifact was dug up 32 feet underground near a riverbank.

The thing is, aluminum produced by humans has only been around for 200 years.

Some people think the object could just be a metal piece from a World War II German aircraft.

But then others think, could this be the missing link to ancient UFO visitors from outer space?

....Maybe time will tell!