New guidelines show just how much screen time kids should get

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SAN FRANCISCO — From smart phones and tablets to the family flat screen, kids can't seem to get enough digital media these days.

New guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics are helping parents know just how much screen time their kids should be getting.

The AAP recommends children between the ages of 2 to 5 to be limited to just one hour of screen time per day. It's also advised that parents monitor what's being watched to make sure kids get some kind of educational value out of the program. Of course, this isn't just for television use but for all types of tech.

For tots younger than 2 years old — except for the occasional video chatting with relatives — turn those devices off. It's communication and not computers, that matters first. Now, when it comes to school ages kids, digital media use can be beneficial as long as it doesn't consume their time 24/7.

Digital media can improve our lives or it can sometimes take it over. Be sure your little ones know how to turn it off and learn to have fun without it.