Study: Millennials twice as likely to fall for internet scams than elderly users

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PARIS — New research is flying in the face of everything millennials thought they new about the web. Apparently, old people don't suck at it.

Recent findings from Ipsos, a market research group, show that millennials are more than twice as likely to be victims of a tech support scam than seniors.

The survey asked a thousand people worldwide if they’ve been the victim of an online tech support scam in the last year.

Fifty percent of the people that responded said they had been victimized were millennials, compared to only 17 percent who were older than 55.

It gets worse. Of the millennials that fell for scams, 18 percent of them lost money!

Older folks that fell for a scam, only 3 percent could be parted from their cold hard cash.

To be fair, those old folks probably have more cash to protect thanks to coming up in a better economy.

But still, if what they observe is true, millennials your feelings of technological superiority are completely undeserved.